About Sniff Dawg

I’m sure you don’t want to hear about the jobs I’ve had, the places I’ve been etc. Instead I’ll tell you a bit about why I know why you want the world to know, for just one second, how incredible your dog is. I know because I get it.

In 3rd grade at Centre School, I made my mother bring our dog Sam in for Show & Tell. He was the BEST dog EVER & I wanted everyone to know it. Sam & his tennis ball were like 2 sides of a coin and he knew tricks! It was going to be great! So, my mother gets him up the stairs & parades him (and his tennis ball) into the classroom & he wouldn’t do one trick! Instead he peed on the wall! Show & Tell was over, but Sam was still awesome!

Fast forward to 1998 when I met Sams equal. His name was Harry & he was a typical Wheaten Terrier puppy, he was crazy! Instantly bonded, I was his “person” and he was my “dog”. Only problem was, he wasn’t mine, so I had to get my “dog fix” by starting my own pet sitting business & finally, after 10 years, Har & I were reunited J We spent the next 4½ years together, with him running the Sniff Dawg shop with me and making us new friends everywhere we went. He was as beloved as Sam was; he even got $15.00 in cash one year for his birthday!

Sniff Dawg really is for all of the Harry’s & Sam’s out there that we love so much & in such a way that some days we’re almost overwhelmed by it 

For those times when Sam’s ball rolled where it shouldn’t & Harry had his hockey puck of a nose stuck where it didn’t belong, they definitely sniffed it all & did it their way

– Mary